Apr 10

Sync Outlook group calendar to personal calendar

Most mobile phones only support to synchronize your personal calendar on an Exchange server to your phone. Unfortunately, often companies use group calendars to manage their joint appointments which then do not get on your mobile phone – unless you manually copy and paste the relevant entries to your personal calendar. This article shows you how to create an individual synchronization routine from group to personal calendar with built-in filter function in Microsoft Outlook.
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Mar 10

Google Apps as Microsoft Exchange server replacement

I am constantly searching for a good replacement for the classic combo of Microsoft Exchange plus Outlook to manage e-mails, calendar, contacts and tasks easily. The key requirement is that it smoothly synchronizes with your PC, Mac and more importantly with your mobile phone.
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Mar 10

World Card Mobile for iPhone

You’re in need to scan your business card and automatically add them to your address book? Check out World Card Mobile on the iTunes Store – I made great experiences with it and according to all the user comments it seems to be the best business card scanner around.

Mar 10

iPhone as Business Phone

UPDATE – After years of using Nokia E-Series as my primary business phone, I finally switched to Apple’s iPhone. The main reasons were:

  • Nokia’s update frequency was really poor – not solving basic problems
  • Mail for Exchange did not work properly: it always crashed, and I was not able to send e-mails anymore. Even hours of calls with Nokia support did not help.
  • Roaming between WLAN and GSM did not work, eventually on the S60 FP 2 (E 72) it would have worked, but this would have meant a new device also.

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Mar 09

Welcome | Willkommen | Tervetuloa | Bienvenue

Welcome to tech.log! Today, I’m opening up my new blog that covers the newest insights on all those fancy gadgets that are supposed to simplifiy my life: mobiles, push-email, multimedia streaming, connected home, fancy pieces of self-programmed software. Whatever you need not to spend too much time dealing with technology but making it to spend save you time. Let’s give it a try. All feedback is welcome and hope to find an interested community of readers. Continue reading →