May 13

Installing a FreePBX with FritzBox as trunk on a Raspberry Pi

Full-blown telephony solutions are just a few steps away, and that all with open-source components and your AVM FritzBox as a trunk to connect via your existing ISDN or analog lines and DECT or analog telephones. With a US$35 investment into a Raspberry Pi, FreePBX, an Asterisk variant, and this manual.  Continue reading →

Feb 12

Sync iTunes music & playlists with Synology Diskstation

I use Synology’s DiskStation as my central media server which streams via UPnP to my media renderer (T+A E-Series music player) and Sonos. Read on how I keep playlists and songs in sync between my iTunes on Mac and my NAS. Continue reading →

Mar 09

Welcome | Willkommen | Tervetuloa | Bienvenue

Welcome to tech.log! Today, I’m opening up my new blog that covers the newest insights on all those fancy gadgets that are supposed to simplifiy my life: mobiles, push-email, multimedia streaming, connected home, fancy pieces of self-programmed software. Whatever you need not to spend too much time dealing with technology but making it to spend save you time. Let’s give it a try. All feedback is welcome and hope to find an interested community of readers. Continue reading →