Dec 13

How to install ownCloud on One.com

UPDATE FOR 6.0 – ownCloud with its latest release 6 is getting better and better, especially with its CalDAV and CardDAV implementation which is a good and free alternative to, e.g. Google Apps, for synchronizing your calendars and contacts with your phone. Now how can you install it on One.com, an inexpensive and good hoster, overcoming the errors and incompatibilities which you would encounter with the standard installation instructions.

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May 13

Installing a FreePBX with FritzBox as trunk on a Raspberry Pi

Full-blown telephony solutions are just a few steps away, and that all with open-source components and your AVM FritzBox as a trunk to connect via your existing ISDN or analog lines and DECT or analog telephones. With a US$35 investment into a Raspberry Pi, FreePBX, an Asterisk variant, and this manual.  Continue reading →

Aug 10

Rsync backup using SSH without password on Synology DiskStation

I’ve shown you how to use rsync for a fast and reliable backup of your Mac files to your DiskStation. One draw-back is that rsync always asks for a password to access your DiskStation which makes it uncomfortable and impossible to use in scripts. See how it works without passwords, securely. Continue reading →

Jul 10

Really fast incremental backup on Synology NAS from a Mac

UPDATE – I am using a Synology DS107 as my preferred network-attached storage device. The Synology devices have a lot of easy-to-use features (probably as a lot of other current models from LaCie or other manufacturers), such as streaming your music to wherever you are (iTunes, Web or UPnP streaming), giving access to your files (using FTP, Samba/SMB file share or other protocols) and acting as a reliable backup device. However, the classical ways to backup your Mac or other computers via copy and paste software like iBackup are all very slow and not reliable. Rsync may help you. Continue reading →

Sep 09

Mac OS X 10.6. Snow Leopard experiences

Apple has released its new OS for $ 29 which is supposed to bring some improvements under the hood. It does, but for normal daily use those improvements are limited. I did not recognize too much improvements on speed though. Unless you’re a geek required to get always the newest version, or are using an Exchange 2007 server to connect to (Exchange 2003 does not work!), Snow Leopard brings also disadvantages. E.g. you are required to purchase the new Parallels Desktop 4 for $ 40 if you’re still running version 3. However $ 29 is a fair deal probably not making people think too long.

Mar 09

Welcome | Willkommen | Tervetuloa | Bienvenue

Welcome to tech.log! Today, I’m opening up my new blog that covers the newest insights on all those fancy gadgets that are supposed to simplifiy my life: mobiles, push-email, multimedia streaming, connected home, fancy pieces of self-programmed software. Whatever you need not to spend too much time dealing with technology but making it to spend save you time. Let’s give it a try. All feedback is welcome and hope to find an interested community of readers. Continue reading →