Solving mail format issues in Mac OS X Lion’s

A lot of people complain that Apple’s Mail application is not formatting emails properly – there is no way to ensure that the right default font type and sizes are used. You CAN define it for the signature, but the remaining text would not show up in that font. After some playing around I found a working solution. However, the ultimate solution would still be that Apple fixes this, it’s a shame that stylish Macs create horribly lay-outed mails.

  • Make sure you have a signature already created in Mail that will then be overwritten.
  • Create the following HTML signature file and define the default text style:
Gregory Peck
Bayview 12
Phone  012345678

It is essential that you define the

tag because every paragraph you enter later in a mail would open with a new

tag and take over the formatting from your defined tag.
  • Now open the HTML signature file in Safari. “Save as” a webarchive file somewhere.
  • Using finder “Go to” folder ” ~/Library/Mail/V2/MailData/Signatures/
  • Now check the existing signature file by highlighting it and click spacebar to view the signature.
  • Overwrite this file with the previously created webarchive file from Safari.
  • Restart Mail
  • To use the default font, always delete the first line of the new email and then start typing – voilà!

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