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Welcome to tech.log! Today, I’m opening up my new blog that covers the newest insights on all those fancy gadgets that are supposed to simplifiy my life: mobiles, push-email, multimedia streaming, connected home, fancy pieces of self-programmed software. Whatever you need not to spend too much time dealing with technology but making it to spend save you time. Let’s give it a try. All feedback is welcome and hope to find an interested community of readers.

For now, as this is my current set of gadgets, I will focus on the following devices:

Nokia E71 – Probably the best smartphone for business use focus around

FritzBox 7270 – The coolest all-in-one router with fax, answering machine, VPN, UPnP media streaming – and worldclass support

Synology DS107 – A great unix-based network harddisk with nice features (UPnP streaming, photo album, rsync backup)

Apple MacBook Pro – Great laptop for tech-savvy private users

Lenoxo X200 – A robust, small, cool, reliable (but a bit slow, due to Vista) business notebook with UMTS

The Software I am using right now and will be covered here:

For my Nokia: Mail for Exchange, HandyCalendar, Nokia Maps, Google Maps, Fring, Nokia Widgets and a lot more

For Apple: iLife, TimeMachine, Unix-/rsync-based backup solutions

For Windows: Microsoft Excel, Access, Outlook, Visual Basic, and many more…

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