iPhone as Business Phone

UPDATE – After years of using Nokia E-Series as my primary business phone, I finally switched to Apple’s iPhone. The main reasons were:

  • Nokia’s update frequency was really poor – not solving basic problems
  • Mail for Exchange did not work properly: it always crashed, and I was not able to send e-mails anymore. Even hours of calls with Nokia support did not help.
  • Roaming between WLAN and GSM did not work, eventually on the S60 FP 2 (E 72) it would have worked, but this would have meant a new device also.

My initial set-up for my new Apple iPhone 3GS which is perfect for daily tasks includes the following.

  • iPhone 3 GS with 3.1.23 firmware with Blackrain jailbreak
  • LockInfo (best app for showing all your current e-mails, appointments, SMSes on your homescreen)
  • DB Navigator (great app for planning your Deutsche Bahn railway trip)
  • Quick Office (mobile Office version to edit PowerPoint, Excel and Word documents)
  • WorldCard Mobile (great app to scan business cards)
  • Fly Lufthansa (app to easily check-in your Lufthansa flight)
  • IMLite (app to show all your exchange tasks / to-dos on your iPhone)
  • PlugPlayer (great app to control my UPnP/DLNA media renderer in my hi-fi stereo)
  • Sipgate (cool tool to use SIP telephony, especially abroad for cheaper national calls)
  • TomTom Europe (very reliable navigation system)
  • TeamViewer (for managing PCs and Macs remotely)
  • and many more

UPDATE – After my phone became slower and slower with two Exchange accounts and only a few jailbreak applications (backgrounder and LockInfo) and consumed a lot of battery over the day, I decided to go back to the official firmware and even updated to 3.1.3 for which no jailbreak is available yet. I experienced a clear improvement: the user interface ran much smoother again and also battery usage was significantly lower.

Even though the iPhone is really expensive for what it offers as hardware specs, the usability and abundance of functionalities is breathtaking. Yo will read now more on specific business and home media solutions of the iPhone in this blog. Enjoy.


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