Sync multiple Google calendars in iCal

We talked about managing your calendars online with Google Calendar, Outlook, or iCal already in our last article. But what if you use more than one calendar (e.g., business and personal)?

If you log into your Google Calendar (or Google Apps Calendar) you can easily create new calendars and set-up permissions as you like. However, if you give access to your secondary calendar, the person who accesses your calendars (e.g., using iCal) will only see your main calendar, and not the secondary one.

We are using iCal to show what we mean: in iCal, the secondary calendar does not appear to people who got access, and for the owner the secondary calendar appears under Delegation.

Now if you want to add the secondary calendar not as a Delegate calendar, do the following:

Right-click on the secondary calendar under “Delegation” (“Stellvertretung”) and select “Information”. Copy the user name from the shown URL:


The user name ends with something like …

Now add a new CalDAV calendar in iCal and select the following address:

Insert the copied username into the address.

This also works smoothly on your iPhone where you can then synchronize multiple of your calendars at the same time.

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