Sep 11

Solving mail format issues in Mac OS X Lion’s Mail.app

A lot of people complain that Apple’s Mail application is not formatting emails properly – there is no way to ensure that the right default font type and sizes are used. You CAN define it for the signature, but the remaining text would not show up in that font. After some playing around I found a working solution. However, the ultimate solution would still be that Apple fixes this, it’s a shame that stylish Macs create horribly lay-outed mails. Continue reading →

Apr 11

Google contact synchronization working

Finally, there is a working and up-to-date tool to synchronize Microsoft Outlook contacts to Google contacts. The fork GOContactSync Mod is working smoothly and synchronizes all fields including categories and contact pictures. Continue reading →

Aug 10

Rsync backup using SSH without password on Synology DiskStation

I’ve shown you how to use rsync for a fast and reliable backup of your Mac files to your DiskStation. One draw-back is that rsync always asks for a password to access your DiskStation which makes it uncomfortable and impossible to use in scripts. See how it works without passwords, securely. Continue reading →