Aug 12

Readable birthday calendar in Mac OSX

Mac OSX’s iCal is able to show birthday entries based on your address book. However, at least in the German localization you cannot read the person’s name at first glance, but only “36. Geburstag vo” – also in the notification center. This post resolves the problem and provides help to show birtdays as “* Frederic Miller (36.)”. Read how. Continue reading →

Sep 09

Mac OS X 10.6. Snow Leopard experiences

Apple has released its new OS for $ 29 which is supposed to bring some improvements under the hood. It does, but for normal daily use those improvements are limited. I did not recognize too much improvements on speed though. Unless you’re a geek required to get always the newest version, or are using an Exchange 2007 server to connect to (Exchange 2003 does not work!), Snow Leopard brings also disadvantages. E.g. you are required to purchase the new Parallels Desktop 4 for $ 40 if you’re still running version 3. However $ 29 is a fair deal probably not making people think too long.